Woolen Knitwear

Nepal, as a meaning in Tibetan language is called the house of wool. Nepal is indeed as true as this mining. The comprehensive Himalayan belts which dominate about 24% parts of the country are the richest sources for supplying the finest quality of the woolen raw materials in producing those beautiful hands knitted woolen products.

As a raw material the Himalayan tribal people shear the wool from the domestic animals like mountain goats, sheep and Yak twice a year. After a practice of certain processing, the women spin it manually into ball yarn and hanks and then supply it to the markets where they are prepared in various colors by dying techniques. As per the demand of the woolen wear, the knitters purchase the ball yarn and hanks and prepare the items like woolen gloves, woolen hats, woolen blankets, woolen shawls, woolen scarves, woolen socks, woolen bags, woolen ponchos, woolen jackets and woolen sweaters. For this creative hand work, these exclusive products are prepared by the hard working women of the country sides knitting overnight and morning at the full utility of time while on the day time they are busy working in their own fields cultivating crops and vegetables.

We hope these distinguished products of Legendary Fashion designed such a fabulous style  will certainly lure you place your order on these items which will  no doubt make you feel a charm of amazement in its warmness and softness wearing on your body.  

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