About Us

Sandep Poudel: M.D & Fashion Designer

Mr. Sandep Poudel as the foundation Executive Director( promoted in Managing director) of this company has also achieved over 17 years of experience in the field of manufacturing ready made garment products and exporting these merchandises to several countries of Europe, Australia, and USA.  I had already travelled Switzerland, Australia, China and France for the business purposes. I completed  Master Degree from the central department of English literature from Tribhuvan University( Ratna Rajyalaxmi  Campus). We have more than 50 staffs directly involved to run the factory & office And planning to  make it double within  the coming days with our high quality fabrics, design and products loved by our respected clients.


Bhumika Regmi: Director and Operational/Marketing Manager

M/s Bhumika Regmi has achieved her master degree from central department of English literature from Tribhuvan University. With the relevant higher academic knowledge in business science and genuine pragmatic experience of Five Years in the field of export, she has become a key person for the rapid growing up the business career of this entrepreneurship.

Design Specialist
Andreea Dumitru: European Contact and Fashion Expert 









Andreea Dumitru is our long term business partner in Europe who has now joined our team to create special, one of a kind designs. With 10 years background in the fashion industry and export business, she is in charge of our clothing designing department from concept to the finished marketable product, supervises the whole manufacturing process and provides excellent customer service.

Our whole team in two different ceremonies.